Any Answer Is Better than a No Answer

It has been a very long time since my last post. But today I got inspired by my own past. Despite this last self-absorbed sentence, I promise this story is going to be fun.

The post of today is about that time I got my first period. I strongly advise guys to read it too.

I was eleven years old when it all started. I was playing football on the street below my house with my friends/cousins/neighbours. All boys. By that time I did not realise yet that I sucked at football and that that was the reason why I was always a keeper of the strongest team. But sure as hell I did not think I was any different from those skinny creatures in shorts pants. Until a sunny afternoon of August when I called for a pee break.

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Ulysses, Dante and Stromboli

Stromboli spends most of his time looking at the infinity of the sea, with his nose and ears ready to pick up any smells or sounds from the water that unfolds in front of him. If I didn’t know my dog, I would think he was a philosopher. Although he is not among the clever creatures, there is something undeniably stoic about him when he stares at the horizon. The other day he made me think about Ulysses. Continue reading

“Be What I think? But I think of Being so many Things!”

My last post about thoughts being less important than we think triggered an interesting conversation between my very good friend Vera and me. A well articulated exchange of opinions that led to a beautiful reference of a poem by Fernando Pessoa, The Tabacco Shop. Today, I would like to share with you this conversation. Join us, if you like. I started with saying that ‘we are not our thoughts’. Do you agree?  Continue reading

Thought of the Day: Thoughts don’t Count

The worst idea that has been taught to us is that it’s the thought that counts.

I believe it is not simply an expression used to lift our soul when we know we have bought a crappy present and we do not want to feel too bad about it. No! It is rather the greater excuse that we use in everyday life to escape the guilt of not taking action.

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If I were someone else, I’d go along with you all.
But since I’m what I am, lay off!
Go to hell without me,
Or let me go there by myself!
Why do we have to go together?

Fernando Pessoa. Lisbon Revisited.


Pointe Blanche – Sint Maarten

Why Diving with Sharks and Bait Is not such a Great Idea

The awesomeness of travelling, of always pushing yourself a little out of your familiar place and of meeting new people is that you can learn so many things without even noticing it. Life in Sint Maarten has taught me already quite a lot. For example, I learned a great deal about sharks. Continue reading

With a Recipe in My Wallet – Torta di Rose

Women’s bags are one of the many mysteries this world is built upon. Way before Hawking and Penrose discovered black holes, women’s bags attracted an unimaginable variety of objects without shedding light to none of them and absorbing the energy and patience of all people in the surroundings. I own several of these bags, but perhaps someone will  award me with a Nobel prize for sharing another kind of black hole: my wallet. Continue reading