Thought of the Day: Thoughts don’t Count

The worst idea that has been taught to us is that it’s the thought that counts.

I believe it is not simply an expression used to lift our soul when we know we have bought a crappy present and we do not want to feel too bad about it. No! It is rather the greater excuse that we use in everyday life to escape the guilt of not taking action.

A friend of mine recently said to me something rather simple, perhaps to some extent even banal, and yet worth to keep in mind. She learned it on her Mindfulness course that helped her a lot after going through a rough time. She told me that we are not our thoughts.

Never made more sense before!

If we do not give to much credit to thoughts, if we do not act of them, we should think of our thoughts as meaningless and random meteors crossing our brains.

Today that I share this little pearl of wisdom to you, I hope you would remember it every time you think of calling someone who might need you but you are too busy or too lazy to pick up a phone, and every time you feel guilty when you are surprised your thoughts are egotistical. If you care about someone, do something. If you have bad thoughts, remember that they do not have to define you. You, me, everyone, for bad and for good, we are not our thoughts. Now think about it: do you agree?

The features photo of the thinking monkey has been taken from the Internet.

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