Sage and Lemon Sorbet for Christmas

Tradition is what I miss the most of my Italian years. The Christmas feast with my family, for example, it was one of those events that was very hard to give up when I left. Nevertheless, traditions were created in my years in the Netherlands too and I am not ready to change them quite yet.

That is why my first Christmas eve in the Caribbean included 4 hours straight of Skype with my friends living in Rotterdam. They were having dinner, we were having lunch, but everyone had to bring a main course and a spoon. No worries, the idea of the spoon wasn’t clear to anyone. The only person who actually brought something on a spoon on the table was Derrick. The rest of us just made whatever they wanted to make, but in a small portion. Well, relatively small…

The connection was surprisingly good although the creepy feeling of watching each other eating never left. All in all, I was grateful to the God of technology to have made this possible and I was excited to have found out a fresh dessert to make and share with you.

It was not required to me to create a dessert, after all I had my main course, Caribbean lobster in Creole sauce and a ‘spoon’ of Mahi-Mahi tartare. But what is a lunch or dinner without a dessert? I improvised something. I came out with a sort of lemon sage creamy sorbet, which could also be good as a palate cleanser between dishes in a fancy dinner.

Since I did it on the spot, I’m honestly not sure what is the exact amount of each ingredients I choose. But if you want to experiment and you need a last-minute dessert here goes my recipe draft. It only takes a tiny leap of faith, trust me!

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • two glasses of juice of fresh lemons;
  • two glasses of water;
  • one glass of sugar;
  • 20 g of butter;
  • sage leaves.

Put a pot on low fire with sugar, lemon juice and water. Let the sugar melt but don’t let the liquid boil.

In a different pot let the butter melt on low fire with a few sage leaves. The butter has to take the taste of the sage, but shouldn’t get brown.

Remove the sage leaves and add the warm liquid with lemon juice to the scented butter. Stir everything together and switch off the fire. Your sorbet is now ready. You can pour it in a container with a lid and let it cool down before putting it in the freezer. To speed up the process you can place the container with the precious juice between two cooling elements.

Let me know how it works for you and Buon Natale!


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