Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas is getting dangerously close, also here in the Caribbean. The warm weather doesn’t prepare you for a nostalgic and traditional gathering with your friends and family, especially when these friends and family are at thousands kilometres away. Nevertheless, I feel the urge of lighting red candles, faking snow and hanging balls in my living room.

This is very weird for me. I was never a big fan of Christmas. I don’t believe in God and I function better when it is warm outside, therefore I always looked forward to this holiday to end, together with winter. However, with time and countries passing by, I was forced to acknowledge a part of myself that I ignored for too long. A part of myself that this year, for the first time, started to forcefully prepare itself for Christmas although the other parts did not agree.

I’d like to think of my body as a democracy or, even better, an oligarchy where only the most enlighten parts of me would take full command of my decisions. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it did not go that way this time. There was no vote. The Christmas party inside me did not win fairly. There was a coupe that dressed up my living room with yellow lights, felt snowflakes, a reindeer candle and red, shiny balls. I know it because I look at it everyday asking myself: what have I done? This year in the Caribbean, far from my friends and family, Christmas won.

The featured photo is not mine. It was taken from the Internet.


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