The Tomato Philosophy

I was looking at my tomato plants and it had me wonder at how little we know of what happens underground. I’ve planted a few tiny and unpretentious seeds just a few days ago and now I see about ten green plants proudly elevating themselves off the ground.

Perhaps it’s the sea – I noticed it also with my dog, Stromboli. He gets into a philosophic mood when he is by the water – or simply the power of gardening, but I cannot help thinking that we are surrounded by things happening underneath the surface. And of these things, hidden from the spotlight of our lives, we know little or nothing.

We can all happily live our lives running from jobs to hobbies, but if we are even slightly interested in the ‘underground’ we need to stop; observe; listen. Fear, dissatisfaction, insecurity, love, forgiveness, even music all already exist long before they surface. Just like my tomatoes.


via Daily Prompt: Underground

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