DIY with Sea Urchins

Today my one month of holiday has officially begun and I cannot wait to have more time for the thing I like to do, such as writing on my blog, learning French and relaxing with some DIY fun works. I thought it would be a great idea to start my first week with some colour and with a project I had in mind for a while, namely painting sea urchin shells.

I’m not particularly pleased when I see sea urchins in the water. Let’s admit it, they are not reassuring presences. However, I got to love them in my pasta during a holiday in Sicily and now, in Sint Maarten, I discovered that they also have an incredibly beautiful shell (once they die and dry out).

In the past weeks I gathered a dozen of sea urchin shells. My husband and I found them mostly on the beach while walking the dog. After a storm a month ago there were plenty lying on the shore, perfectly intact and without all their spikes and smelly decomposing innards. I immediately thought I could use them as decorative elements in my house, but I did not have time to unleash my creativity on them until today.


The shells I got are mostly white and some with more darker nuances that others. Their are already very pretty the way they are, but I was really looking forward to finally add some color in my home without spending much.

I diluted a tiny amount of acrylic colour paint in water. I tried to obtain delicate and transparent shades that would hide neither the different natural nuances of the shells nor their typical reliefs.


The result is for you to judge, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I love to repurpose objects and these sea urchin shells seemed to be born for my coffee table.


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