Top 5 Reasons to Go to Saba

Wonderful travels often start when free days coincide with school holidays. This lucky astral conjunction finally allowed my husband (a school teacher) and I to spend a few nights on Saba: ‘the unspoiled queen of the Caribbean’. Let’s say that I don’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a place so much, and that I let a few photos do the talking.


Early morning view from our cottage – Windwardside, Saba.

ONE – The temperature is pleasantly lower than anywhere else in the Caribbean and in the evening you might finally show off the only cardigan that you’ve packed while thinking of going to the tropics.


View from Mount Scenery.

TWO – Saba is widely famous for awesome diving and snorkelling spots, but it also has much to offer to land creatures. I’m not much of a hiker, but if you are, it would take you at least a week to discover all its trails. Mount Scenery, a dormant volcano of 887 m, is the highest peak of Saba (as well as of the Netherlands of which Saba is part). If I may, I would only suggest to change its name since you enter a superb cloud forest just before the top, and the view might not be so ‘scenic’ after all. Still, its charm is undeniable.


A typical cottage behind a church. Windwardside – Saba.

THREE – The majority of the houses on Saba follow the same simple rules: keep it small, keep it white with a red roof and green windows. Locals are proud of their identity as well as their image. Some of them say that they escaped the mass tourism and the ugly metamorphoses of Sint Maarten thanks to the lack of white beaches on the island. Yet, I think that their unity made the difference. I, personally, don’t believe in nationalism, but I believe in John Donne: ‘No man is an island, Entire of itself.’ And Sabans seem to get it.


A tiny family grave next to the house.

FOUR – It is impossible not to fall in love with Saba’s sense of community. 2000 multicultural inhabitants will take care of you, no matter where you’re from, and who you love. Since a lift is not denied to anyone, it is also incredibly easy to talk to people. Even death here appears to be less hard and beloved ones are buried close to home.


The Anole lizard that can only be found on Saba. In this specific case, it was on the curtain of the cottage where we were staying.

FIVE – The endemic Saba anole lizard might be not a good reason for coming to this island, but it eats mosquitos, therefore it is my friend and it deserves a mention. Besides, I find it extremely cute with its spotted back! Also in this case, however, I would say that the name could have been better. ‘Anole’, indeed, has nothing to do with what you are thinking. It is an ancient African name for ‘little devil’.

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