Saturday Marigot

It is Saturday morning. You could finally sleep in but your biological clock set on working time pushes you out of the bed at 6 am. What can you do? Well, I have two options. You can either stick to your horizontal position pretending to be asleep until you admit to yourself that this is pointless, or you get dressed and go to Marigot’s market. Fishermen arrive at about 5.30 am (so they say). Even though I’m an early bird, I did not manage to get there before 8.20 am. Despite this, I could choose between a reasonable variety of fresh fish (mahi mahi, hind, parrot fish, snappers, conch, lobsters) and meat (the usual suspects + goat meat) for great prices. Is this so because we are in low season? I guess I’ll discover it in a few months. Mind that some fishermen may ask you extra 2 dollars to clean your fish, but at least you spare yourself a stinky mess in your house.
My tip: bring a cooling bag with you. In this way, after the market, you can still enjoy an easy sweet breakfast in one of Marigot’s bakeries. My favourite? La Sucrière. Free and good WiFi, tasty pastries, acceptable coffee, and no line at the counter.

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